A Certain Country

So, you noticed that a certain country has been exporting fake shit to your supermarkets and drugstores recently. They are the professional manufacturers of fake handbags, and they make more than half the stuff you buy at Walmart.

They gave you melamine-tainted Cadbury chocolate bars. They gave you lead-poisoned children’s toys. Hell, they might have killed your cat with the same melamine shit in the pet food earlier this year.

Ask any Japanese about pesticide-laced dumplings, and they’ll tell you. Only that you have to say “methamidophos-iri gyoza.” I’d say, “It’s a killer!”

And who needs it? You’ve got your own e-coli tomatoes and downer cows to die from.

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ニューヨークと東京を往復する文芸エージェント。 日本の著作品を欧米マーケットに売り込むべく孤軍奮闘中。
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